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Prodigy Ace Line

The new Prodigy Ace Line has arrived!

Available as individual discs or as a box set, these make perfect gifts!

The first release of the ACE Line will feature four discs with an easy to follow naming system similar to our flagship line of discs. Each disc will fall into one of four categories--D Model (Distance Driver), F Model (Fairway Driver), M Model (Midrange Disc) and P Model (Putt & Approach disc)--and each category is planned to have five levels of stability. Different stabilities will include S (Stable), OS (Overstable) and US (Understable), along with OS+ and US+.
BaseGrip Plastic is a base level plastic similar to our 300 and 350G Plastics. It offers a sure grip in all weather conditions and finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. In 2020, we plan to release more discs and the DuraFlex Plastic, a premium plastic option.