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Prodigy 750 Glow H3V2 750 (Chris Dickerson)

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Coming off a Top 5 finish at the 2019 PDGA World Championships, we are excited to release Chris Dickerson’s Special Edition Signature Series H3 V2 in 750 GLOW Plastic. Chris Dickerson is a craftsman in the woods, thanks to his time in the tight fairways of Tennessee. One of his favorite tools for carving lines is the H3 V2, which is perfect for dazzling hyzer flips or manipulating the release angle to shape any line. Chris’ Special Edition H3 V2 comes in our durable, grippy 750 plastic that stands up to even the harshest summer heat. To top it off, it’s in a Glow version of the plastic and features a “Robot Chicken” stamp -- a nickname fans have given Chris because of his consistent play, laser focus, and calm demeanor on the course to go along with a love of chicken off the course.

Weight: 170 - 176 grams